To My Guilty Pleasure.

Dear currently popular boy band,

When my seven year old daughter asked me to download some of your songs for her I was so disappointed. How could my precious little girl like your catchy and totally cheesy pop songs? But I did what any good mother would do, and got onto iTunes and downloaded the songs she requested, and let her watch the video clips on YouTube.

Little did I know that you would have that one thing to draw me in. I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is about your bubble gummy, sweet like candy, cavity inducing music but I find myself singing along.

Worse still I actually enjoy doing it.

I’m not by any means into boy bands. Yes, I might have been once upon a time (hello N.K.O.T.B, Backstreet Boys & N*Sync I’m looking at you). But I grew up. My music tastes changed with the times. At least, I thought it did. Maybe it’s just that your songs kind of remind me of those days, my boy band crazy teen years, and the fond memories I have of days gone by.

It’s not like I actually think the music is quality by any stretch of the word. But I will admit that it’s simple, it’s catchy, and it makes me smile. Maybe that’s all music needs to be sometimes.

I only listen to you once in a while, when my daughter asks to watch your videos, or she plays it on her iPod. But I’ll never admit to anyone that I actually enjoy your songs. Not in a million years.

My daughter wants me to take her to see you guys in concert the next time you are in Australia. Please don’t come. I honestly don’t think I could live it down if I went to one of your shows.

I am Grateful and Guilty for your corny music, so thanks.


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